Newport-on-Tay, Fife - 2010

Extension housing kitchen, dining and living area which exploits westerly views over the garden to the Tay estuary beyond. Project Summary

Existing Site

Our clients were looking to extend their large upper villa into the garden to create a more open kitchen, dining and living area and exploit westerly views over the garden and the Tay estuary beyond.

Design Proposals

Many technical difficulties are to be overcome to make this project work such as the original house having been built on and cut into rock and also that the extension bridged a path belonging to the lower villa owners.

The design proposals knit into the existing building by using similar finishing materials to the existing property albeit in a contemporary way. The neighbours were shown the proposals at an early stage so that any fears they had could be discussed and allayed. Early discussions with a structural engineer and exploratory excavations revealed that the design could be achieved despite the technical difficulties.