Private House Projects

New build houses are a great opportunity. Whether it be a one-off dream home or a modest family residence, careful design and consideration of construction can bring joy into your every day life and save you pounds. Passive house (‘Passivhaus’) now a speciality!

Baird House

Earth sheltered, Low energy family house.

The house is designed to make the most of its spectacular site while trying to minimise its visual impact on the landscape. Designed as a passive house, it will also have very a low requirement for energy in use.


low energy, generous 4 bedroom family home.

Perched above the Dighty Burn, this spacious family home is designed with Passive-House principles yet on a tight budget. It's closed public elevation to the North contrasts it's bight, open and glazed South face.

Albert Crescent

creation of a bright 4 bed home

Sitting high above the Tay, this home is all about the spectacular views. The main lining level is elevated to maximise views and the master bedroom captures the vista from the top storey.

Mount Stewart Road

Passive House Project

large 4 bedroom, 'Passive House' family home

Designed as a 'Passive House', this house sits on a superb sight overlooking the Tay esturary. The 'upside down' plan and expansive glazing provide majestic views from the public rooms.

Boys House

One of three luxury houses from a converted school house.

Designed with the kitchen at the heart of this converted schoolhouse, the house revolves around the central space. Changes in floor level define kitchen, living and loung spaces in an open, flowing manner.

Angus House

conversion of council youth residential centre into generous five bedroom family home

Despite the grand exterior, the existing building was bare and municiple inside. Lots of care was taken to create a warm family interior with a new timber wing added to balance the rear of the property.